The Bateleur VCO

The Bateleur VCO


Engineered around a discrete core with a dedicated, self-oscillating Low-Pass Filter this VCO offers state-of-the-art performance, unparalleled vintage timbre and unique signal-shaping possibilities.

An incredible amount of innovation went into designing a discrete Core capable of very decent tracking and temperature stabilisation while retaining the unique sonic DNA and tonal capabilities of 100% analog, voltage controlled circuitry.  The resulting design – elegant despite inherent complexity is also considerably less noisy and less susceptible to temperature drift than it’s vintage forefathers.

At the center of the signal-flow is a dedicated, self-oscillating, voltage controlled Low-Pass Filter tracking 1v/oct.  The Filter is one of the principal parts of The Bateleur VCO, allowing timbral control over the fundamental Waveforms and external signals however at the same time also an eccentric standalone voice in its own right once in the self-oscillation position.

What would a VCO be without wave-shaping qualities? Our take on Through-Zero Frequency Modulation allows for an entirely new range of sounds.  It’s more like a dedicated “DX”-style unit – literally at the flick of a switch – bells, chimes, metallic percussion – you name it!

  • +12 100mA
  • -12 80mA
  • +5 0mA
  • HP 22HP
  • Depth 40mm

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