Jupiter Storm

Jupiter Storm


Jupiter Storm is a cosmic noise oscillator. It creates sounds that can only be described as out of this world!

While it can be used just like any other VCO in your system, it has a tonal character and feature-set very much of its own.

Expanding the module with a Galilean Moons makes for a powerful experimental sound synthesizer.

  • Square wave noise core creates everything from pitched ring modulated textures to hissing and screeching, broken radio tones
  • Noise core square wave VCOs (not v/oct, but close) each have an output so drones can be created simultaneously alongside noise
  • Noise Core Disruptor mode creatively abuses the noise algorithm into unique sounding noise timbres
  • Four noise outputs (I, IV, VII, XI) each with their own unique sound in Noise Core Disruption mode
  • Dedicated input for each oscillator as well as global oscillator CV, for complex modulation
  • Expanding with a Galilean Moons adds percussion-centric features that turn Jupiter Storm into a very capable percussion and sound FX synthesis machine

  • +12 30mA
  • -12 30mA
  • +5 0mA
  • HP 14HP
  • Depth ?
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