Galilean Moons

Galilean Moons


Galilean Moons is a dual voltage controlled function generator and VCA pair. 

Use it with, or without a Jupiter Storm to create a powerful percussion/effects synthesizer, or simply use its functions and VCAs like individual modules in your system.

  • Two voltage controlled digital functions (envelopes), each normalised to their own low-distortion linear, DC-coupled voltage controlled amplifier 
  • Each envelope offers percussive attack/decay, attack/sustain/release or looping (LFO) mode
  •  Envelopes can each be linear or exponential
  •  Enables a new noise output, “XOR”, if plugged into a Jupiter Storm behind the panel. (everything besides the XOR output works with or without a Jupiter Storm!)
  • VCA inputs are normalised to the newly-enabled XOR and main (“I”) output of Jupiter Storm when nothing else is plugged in
  • The envelopes and VCAs can be fully utilised elsewhere in your system by plugging into the corresponding function’s jacks
  • Great for synthesizing voltage controlled percussion and other effects

  • +12 88mA
  • -12 65mA
  • +5 0mA
  • HP 18HP
  • Depth ?

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