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The Sputnik Envelope Follower/Preamp is a dual function module that allows audio signals to be brought up to proper levels to be sonically manipulated by other Eurorack modules or to be converted into control voltage. The preamp section includes a balanced ¼” TRS cable input jack that can accept sound sources such as microphones, guitar pickups, keyboards, drum machines, etc. Three selectable gain modes are available via a switch with an additional gain knob to dial in the signal to the exact level you need. The envelope follower section of the module features an input jack for modular level signals and outputs for CV and pulses. Front panel knobs give you control over input sensitivity and CV envelope decay time.

  • +12 110mA
  • -12 20mA
  • +5 0mA
  • HP 8HP
  • Depth 28mm

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