Cell[48] DC

Cell[48] DC


Full Featured Desktop Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Cases

Built like a tank, the Pittsburgh Modular Cell DC cases are expandable, eurorack format synthesizer cases. The cases include a custom universal DC power supply, flexible power rails, and single row hardwood sides. A unique, low profile, heavy duty steel frame neatly houses up to 180hp of eurorack format synthesizer modules. The Cell DC cases are a perfect solution for studio or desktop applications, yet more than tough enough to pack in a bag and take on the road.

Cell DC cases are available in two sizes. The small case, Cell[48] DC, offers a compact 48hp and the larger case, Cell[90] DC, includes a full 90hp for eurorack synthesizer modules. Modular by design, both the Cell[48] DC and the Cell[90] DC can be configured as single or double row systems. Simply replace the included single row wood sides with a set of double row wood sides to create a beautiful two row case.

  • Heavy 16 Gauge Steel
  • Rear Mounted On/Off Switch
  • Rear Mounted Power Jack
  • Sliding Square Nuts
  • Included 4-40 Sized Panel Screws
  • Included Single Row Hardwood Sides
  • Universal DC Power Supply
  • 15V DC 2.6A DC Power Adapter
  • +5V Power Rail Included
  • Eurorack Bus Compatible
  • Available Depth for Modules: 52mm
  • Available Depth for Modules (above Power Supply): 36mm
  • Width: 242mm (48hp)
  • 9 Sliding Square Nuts Per Rail Supports Up To 9 Modules 
  • 20 (4-40 Size) Panel Screws Included 
  • 8 Module Power Headers
  • Compatible with Double Row Hardwood Sides


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