The BuffTest is an extremely accurate (within 0.03% error) buffered mult with a clever little circuit that lets you turn it into a cable tester at the push of a button. It can also be patched as 3x manual gates and 3x negative gates.

In normal operation the signal to be buffered is patched to IN A or IN B. A highly accurate buffered copy of the signal is then available at the corresponding three outputs, allowing you to patch to multiple destinations without losing voltage due to loading effects. Bi-colour LEDs indicate voltage level (green for positive, red for negative).

To patch BuffTest as a cable tester patch the cable to be tested from any of the three outputs of section A to IN B and press and hold the red Test button. Two green LEDs indicates a good cable, green top and red bottom indicates a broken signal connection and green top and off bottom indicates a short from signal to ground.

To operate BuffTest as a manual gate IN A must be left unpatched, pressing the Test button now gives you a gate output on the three outputs of section A. The gate is debounced to provide a clean single gate for clocking applications, preventing double triggering. While used as a manual gate the outputs of section B will produce negative gates, which can be used for creative modulation as you see fit.

BuffTest uses Texas Instruments OPA4171 opamps for the highest accuracy and is reverse voltage protected.

  • +12 13mA
  • -12 13mA
  • +5 0mA
  • HP ?
  • Depth 25mm

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