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Algorhythm is an 8-step pulse sequencer with extensive possibilities for complex generative patches as well as traditional rhythmic applications.

Loop length and pattern length can be changed during playback. Illuminated switches provide control over looped and one-shot playback, sequential and random modes, and gate/trig output for the pattern and each of the individual pulse outputs. All settings are automatically saved in memory and restored at startup.

Algorhythm modules can also be connected in series (using the supplied Link cable) without any upper limit on quantity, allowing you to create hybrid sequencers of infinite complexity. Clock signals are intelligently distributed to all linked modules, and each module can store its own set of independent parameters.

  • +12 100mA
  • -12 0mA
  • +5 0mA
  • HP 12HP
  • Depth 46mm

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