A-138p Performance Mixer

A-138p Performance Mixer

A-138p/o are used to built a simple performance mixer (instead of an external stand-alone mixer). Module A-138p is the 4-fold input module, A-138o is the output module that can be combined with one or more A-138p.

A-138p features:

  • 4 channels
  • controls and inputs for each channel
    • input (3.5 mm mono socket)
    • signal LED (as a coarse monitor of the incoming level, the level is measured after the gain control)
    • mute switch
    • gain (control to adapt different audio levels)
    • Level (the main volume control)
    • Aux
    • Pan
    • internal jumper for each channel to choose between Aux pre/post main Level control
  • internal connection to the output module and to other A-138p modules
  • A-138p requires A-138o (no stand-alone use)

  • +12 ?
  • -12 ?
  • +5 ?
  • HP ?
  • Depth ?
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